We’re back in the spotlight for the very first release of season 4, it was important for you to be on the bill and launch this new season ?

Yo ! Yes exactly, this new season is special, I’m happy to start it. Usually I’m always looking for artists, friends and don’t necessarily think about release on my own label. And this new season that we have prepared with the team has made me want to start it. Launches are always tricky. I hope everything will be fine.


You start with a track called “Lava” that already announces the color. It’s fat with big bass, how did you get to this song ?

Lava” is a song I produced a few months after “Volcan“. I didn’t like it any more than that, then I found the project again recently and decided to change part of the track because I received good feedbacks from some friends. In the end, I love the track, well dark as I like.


Let’s talk a little bit but let’s talk well, what are the three tips you give before listening to the track ?

I don’t have any advice before listening to the song, only advice is to follow us on the networks, we often laugh on Instagram and we have t-shirts that tear ! Small promotion for our merch 😉


After “Volcan” and the EP “Eruption” at Confession, this is your third project in this boiling universe, why this choice, this is what characterizes your music according to you ?

Volcan“, “Eruption” and “Lava” are vulcanological of course but they define my universe well, I love this dark and mysterious exterior side of volcanoes that would define a little the breaks of my tracks and the inside of a molten explosive volcano that would represent more for the moment my angry drops.


You’ve been mad lately, after “808” with MNNR and your EP “The Time“, we found you in Madrid for a show. What is your program for the coming months? Will Koos be exported across the Atlantic ?

This summer was crazy ! In addition we add the Mainsquare Festival in my native region it was crazy ! One of my best dates with an improvised 3:30 set. Then the show in Madrid was crazy. For the coming months, new releases, big labels and shows abroad normally. Concerning the United States, we must wait, but some talks are beginning. One thing at a time.


After a season 3 marked by a compilation but also by tracks covered by the greatest (we think of “Mind” by Kage played by Malaa or Martin Garrix but also “Phone Call” covered by Skrillex and Quix), you open season 4, you know you are now expected ?

The recent supports on this last season are crazy, being play and support by Skrillex, Malaa and many others is just crazy and a dream for the whole team. The promotion for season 4 has already been sent and the feedback is great. I don’t know if we’re expected, but in any case it’s important to have this kind of support to help the label grow.


What can we expect from Noir Sur Blanc for this season ? New artists, bangers?

For this new season we find as usual a diversity of artists among artists more renowned than others, fresh French talents and especially friends. Because the label is a family, it’s important for us. But I keep a little secret about this season but it’s very heavy, we’re moving up a notch.


On November 17, you will be back in Lille, almost a year after your last evening. If the line up has not been revealed yet, Lille remains the city of Noir Sur Blanc, from month to month, you clearly impose yourself there, so it was essential to come back to make a mess in the North ?

Lille is our home, I come from there, I lived there for 16 years and I go back there regularly. The whole team is from the North, it is important for us to be present on the electronic scene in Lille. It plays a lot of techno in Lille but the label is gradually getting known. Being able to play at Gare Saint-Sauveur is crazy for us, it’s an important place in Lille’s nightlife. Our second evening in perspective, it’s going to be a fire.


Huge thank’s to Bastien for this interview.

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