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Tracklist :

  1. TRST & Juice! The DJ – CONDO!
  2. Hego – Tears
  3. LYAM – Hotline
  4. Menso & KL!P – Booghit
  5. William Luck – Connection
  6. Madadrive – Mind
  7. Naatss – W.O.F
  8. Juice! The DJ & BLK OUT – I Like Soap
  9. Umaedo – Front To The Back
  10. Møzar – Legacy

This is a pre-order of a compilation released on May 26th, you will receive a link by email to download the compilation before everyone else, on May 22nd.

All profits from this pre-sale will go to Lille’s hospital.

This pre-order ends on May 21st.

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Support upcoming artists & Lille CHRU with your donation. The compilation will be out on May 26th.

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You have questions ? We might have answers !

When the compilation will be available ?

This compilation will be out on May 26th on all streaming & distribution platforms.

How can I be released on this compilation ?

Aiming to follow its objective of revealing young producers, Noir Sur Blanc proposes to organize 3 feedback sessions on KOOS Twitch channel. On April 24th, April 29th and May 1st 2020, KOOS, kramder & Grauer will review up-and-coming producers’ creations and select tracks for the compilation.

How can I show my support ?

There is a lot of ways to support us :

  • Share this page and our project as much as you can !
  • Subscribe to KOOS’s twitch channel for one month ! (You can get a month free with your Amazon Prime account : check this here and here)
  • Make a donation :

Where the money will be donated ?

All the money collected on KOOS Twitch channel from April 22th to June 30th will be donated at the CHRU of Lille via HelloAsso (

Our donation receipt will be posted on this page in July.

Why am I making a donation to KOOS and not directly to the CHRU of Lille ?

There is several reasons we’re doing it this way :

  • We need to collect your email and information so we can send you your exclusive compilation download link on May 22nd
  • For all the livestream animations & goals, we need to know in real time the donations amount, thing that we cannot do if we don’t collect donations by ourself.

You can still make a direct donation to Lille’s hospital directly by clicking here